Hello! Annyeonghaseyo!

What is your full name?
It’s Jean Rana Marie Gargoles. People call me by my first name. But if you deeply know me like my friends and family members, they call me ‘Ran’ strange nickname right? and enough to say unique Haha.

What do you really do?
I used to work at a hotel in Ortigas.

Where are you from?
The Philippines.

Is there anything we can know from you?
Both of my parents are Filipino. However tracing my dad’s lineage, I am part Hispanic. (hindi lang halata haha)

Who takes your photos?
Mostly it’s my Mom or any of my friends 🙂

Western or Asian Fashion?

When it comes to style I don’t really have some preferences. Cause style is something you pick out of that Fashion. It is what you juice out of that imaginative mind and creates a visual art.

Style Philosophy:

“Fashion connects people. In some scenarios, it is our instant language” – Jean Gargoles

I am open-minded about partnership, job offers and collaborations so feel free to contact me(jeangargoles@gmail.com) to send your proposals. For questions and suggestions kindly comment them below.

ps. Don’t be surprise if you encounter unfamiliar words here (aside from my mother tongue). I love learning new languages. 🙂



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