Parque de Seac Pai Van



MGPP12Macau Giant Panda Gift Shop



MGPP23Ring-tailed Lemur


I actually find this lemur cute, he/she seems preocuppied that time and keeps on walking back and forth haha *masyadong malalim iniisip nya LOL*


Common Squirrel Monkey (Couple siguro sila no? haha)

MGPP1 MGPP2MGPP22 MGPP21Macao Giant Panda Pavillion

MGPP20 Kai Kai’s playground (ooooopsie hello camera!)



Going here: Take bus no. 15, 21A, 25, 25F, 26, 26A, 50 or N3 and get off at Estrada de Seac Pai Van.

It was surreal that I was able to see these pandas. Since I was little I really wanted these adorable creatures as my pet, well instead of dogs I want one huhu, only if it’s possible :(. Anyway you could enjoy strolling along the Seac Pai Van Park while taking pictures of some animals that they have inside and its FREE!. You’ll only pay 10MOP for the entrance fee at the Pavilhão do Panda Gigante de Macau or Macao Giant Panda Pavillion. Panda pavillion is open from 10am-1pm, 2pm-5pm. Its open daily except on Mondays, you may refer on their site here. Two giant pandas are being taken care of here, you’ll meet Kai Kai(male) and Xin Xin(female) :).

Fast facts about this adorable and cuddly Pandas

> They may have poor eyesight, but they really have sensitive ears and a good sense of smell.

>The pupil structure of the Panda’s eyes is quite similar to cats, so they move around freely at night.

>The staple food of the ancient ancestors of the Pandas was meat while the Giant Panda of the present day has chosen bamboo as their staple food.



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