Villa de Coloane


coloane18 coloane19

Going here: Take bus no. 21A, 25, 26, 26A, 50, or N3.

coloane1 Lord Stow’s Garden Cafe

It’s actually a pet-friendly café! based on the sign posted outside of the café “Well behaved dogs are always welcome in the patio of this café”.
coloane26coloane6Original Lord Stow’s Bakery

Pasteis de Nata

This is a bomb! Its sooooo good especially when its fresh from the oven.

coloane17 St. Francis Xavier Church

coloane3 coloane23coloane16 “Minha Mãe”
coloane15 coloane4coloane20coloane22


coloane10 coloane11

coloane14 Biblioteca or Librarycoloane13

Hello readers! Sorry for being M.I.A last week, I actually binge-watched kdramas lately and I forgot to make a draft for my posts. Anyway I noticed that a lot of tourists going in Macau/ or spending a day in this country are not aware that this kind of place exists and their usual itinerary here are [Senado Square, Ruins of St. Paul, Venetian Macao or Fisherman’s Wharf]. Let me tell you this, a 2-day trip exploring Macau is already worth it! I mean it’s completely different from the main city, it’s quaint and laid-back . You just want to spend the rest of your day here doing nothing. I don’t regret my decision of choosing this place over Hongkong. Anyhow, this place is like 30-40mns. ride from the city by bus. Once you reach the village you’ll most likely see a circle(mini park) at the middle and there is Lord Stow’s Garden Cafe at your left and the original Lord Stow’s bakery at your far right. Don’t forget to take home boxes of Macau’s famous delicacy, the pasteis de nata or egg tart worth 9MOP/each and since this is a bakery itself you could also try their croissant, its tasty! :). Also, there is a local market on the 2nd alley after LS’s Garden Cafe, go straight at this alley and it will lead you on St. Francis Xavier Church.

If you’re a k-drama fan, it will remind you of the last episode in the drama called Goong or  Princess Hours. This is where Shin Chae-kyeong or Yoon-Eunhye got exiled. She went at Original Lord Stows’s Bakery, St. Francis Xavier Church and Biblioteca or the library.



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