Torre de Macau

macautower1 macautower2 macautower3 macautower11 macautower10macautower9 macautower6Macau Peninsula

macautower7 “Ponte de Amizade or Bridge of Friendship”


It has a whopping height of 338m!


View of Taipa and Coloane

Tip: Going here you need to take bus no. MT4, 9A, 26, 18, 23, or 32 going Riviera Macau and get off at Torre de Macau.

We paid 135mop/each for our admission ticket. But if you want to do extreme sports like bungee jumping, sky jump, skywalk etc. the fee for that is different, it depends on what activity you’ll try or you may check their site for more deets. Unfortunately, I forgot to visit their buffet restaurant here and cafes. This is actually worth the visit as you get to see a 360° View of Macau, and a bit of Zhuhai, China (I guess), but I can’t actually pinpoint from my photos where hehe.

I really had a great time here, it became a UV shelter haha and resting place for me and my mama. The sun outside really toasted my skin huhu can’t imagine how tanned I am now after this trip, we’ve actually walked a lot in Largo do Senado or Senado Square and at Macau Fisherman’s Wharf. As for the weather, it really is summer here! and humid is just the same in Philippines. Anyway, I’ll tell more about those places and few more so always check my blog or your emails for updates :).


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