Largo do Senado

senadosqaure1senadosqaure14 senadosqaure13 senadosqaure21 senadosqaure19senadosqaure20 senadosqaure18 senadosqaure17senadosqaure15 Edifacio do Leal Senado or Leal Senado Building

senadosquare11 senadosquare10 senadosquare6senadosquare9 senadosquare7 senadosquare4 senadosquare5 senadosqaure16


Igreja de S. Domingos or St. Dominic’s Church

 senadosquare3 senadosquare2senadosqaure12Although we got our maps that time which we got from our hotel, I must admit that we’ve spent about an hour trying to find this place and asking different people on which way to go haha. Then I realized we can’t get lost I found this thing called “walking tour routes” guide it stands just across Praca Ponte de Horta, the street which our hotel is located and to my surprise from where we stand that time is the Opium House, which I do think was not kept well, but it’s part of oldest buildings in Macau (I don’t have photo for this one). Anyway, I used my instinct to find our way up and rely on the itinerary that I made. We’ve walked through quiet uphill and alleys. It was like a 7-10mins walk from our hotel going to Senado Square, when we arrived there are a lot of tourists taking selfies and groupies under the blazing heat. We did that as well LOL.

It has been Macau’s urban centre for centuries. The square is surrounded by pastel-coloured neo-classical buildings, creating a consistent and harmonious Mediterranean atmosphere.”Just in front of Senado Square is Leal de Senado Building, Macau’s first municipal chamber. Inside the square, you’ll find St. Dominic’s Church it was built by Spanish Dominican priests and became the 31st world heritage site of China. Interior and exterior designs for this church was influenced by both Portuguese and Spanish styles.

There are shopping centers and restaurants around the square. For Korean beauty fanatics like me I suggest you visit this Korean beauty shop called “Sweetmay”. It houses Innisfree, Etude House, Nature Republic, Tony Moly, It’s Skin, Banila Co., 3CE and a lot more! Isn’t it amazing?, how I wish we also have it in Manila.:) 🙂

Tip: Going here, you can take bus no. 2, 3, 3A, 3X, 4, 5, 6A, 7, 8A, 10, 10A, 11, 18, 18A, 19, 21A, 26A, 33, N1A, N1B, or N3.



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