Hello Brunette!

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What I’m wearing? Tank top: Mama | Skater skirt: Tresquititas | Chiffon Tailored Jacket & Clutch: The Landmark | Doll flats: Bazaar

Finally! The hair that looks fail before is okay now better than before. The Brunette -slash-What most Korean Female Idols hair. What I like about my hair now is that it compliments every style may it be that outfit that made me look boyish or this outfit I’m wearing above that’s chic and looks put together. There’s something good on wearing tailored jackets everyday it will make your whole look polish even if you just paired it with any basic tank tops, for me keeping the basic colors black and white jacket is the best choice but you can always count on with printed tailored jackets in closet. Nevertheless, the pastel mint skirt contrast with my brown tones on top creating a subtle color.


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