Things I Discovered in Bangkok

All the random things I discovered in Thailand. I will post here things I haven’t mentioned in my previous  blogs about Bangkok. it’s a blog mixed with rants.

1. Here in Philippines if a customer asked for a service water most restaurants give what you ask for as part of service. But in Bangkok water is a bit expensive, if you would ask for service water (tap water, maybe) it’ll cost around 20-30baht :/ #whyohwhy?? Bottled waters cost you around 50baht.

A cheapskate tip: Hotels give you bottled waters right (you can find them inside minibars)? bring them with you ALWAYS so you wouldn’t need to pay extra for the water when you eat out. Haha

2. Everywhere you look you’ll see the images of the Royal Family and like what I said before don’t point fingers on their images.


3. During our second day, our bus leave us behind at Centralworld, we were so crazzzzzy shopping inside H&M. (eh kasi wala naman nun sa Philippines eh haha) Wearing our events uniform plus 4 inches pumps! we walked about 4km maybe? From Centralworld to Indra Regent Hotel! Here’s the proof! Please do excuse the super haggard faces :))


4. NaRaYa is sooooo cheap here! Every where you looked NaRaYa’s packed with shoppers! It’s really crazy cause back in Philippines its other way around. If you get to compare both prices its way different.


5. I kept on asking this on our guide if Bangkok is a Wi-Fi free country but he can’t seem to understand what I’m saying lol, my phone detects it tho’ but there is a code, maybe it’s not free? or only locals knows the passcode?

6. Buy in bulk when you’re in Bangkok they tend to give you low price. Atleast try to haggle for the best price you wish to pay.

7. Smile always and try to surprise them with thai words.  Greet them with “Sawasdee ka/krap”- Hello; Say Thanks! with this word “Khop koon ka/krap” If you want to ask for its price say “Gee Baht?- how much”. Most of them if they don’t know how to speak in English they use calculators to transact with you.

8. Be prepared if you asked the tuktuk driver to take you to a night market. They will most likely to bring you in Patpong or Silom. Red light area of Bangkok! Our tuktuk driver took us in Silom only to find out it’s a ladyman’s area. From Palladium to Silom we paid around 100 baht, yes we haggle for it.

9. Every night try to catch on the night markets outside big malls like Palladium and other malls around the area of Pratunam, they tend to lower the price at night.

10. Before your trip have your money exchange in advance may it be your country or the place you’re going. Don’t exchange money on weekend it tend to give you low rates. I had my money exchange with our guide, my 1000 pesos denomination is equal to 650 baht :/ (Was i fooled or I should’ve had it exchange in Philippines before #laterealization)

11. On the third night we went dinner cruising at Chao Phraya river cruise 🙂

150704_671213149556734_1373118543_n 1236787_671213099556739_245780310_n

12. Part of being a tourism student, there is also a phase in our tour wherein its related on our course, so we paid a visit in Thai-Amadeus Headquarters! 🙂


13. And we also went to Gem Gallery but we aren’t allowed to take photos inside.

14. When you’re in Suvarnabhumi airport, tourists can get access to the public wi-fi for an hour provided that you should present your passport for verification.

15. WHEN YOU’RE NOT DONE EATING PROTECT YOUR FOOD. I don’t know why but they are sort of accustomed to it that once they see that the guest has almost half her/his plate they can get their plate not even asking the guest if its done already. Given that you just had a little chit-chat with your friends. 😦

16. Same size, same figure haha but a little different when it comes to taste. It’s Thai’s version of Yakult! (left bottle)




This blog may have lots of rants but all I can say is that I really had a great time in Bangkok, 4D3N is so short for me how I wish I could come back on this place again soon visit few more places I haven’t visited yet. And share it to you my dear readers. 🙂


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