Bangkok Day 3 Dumnoen Saduak Photodiary


Another morning in Thailand! Finally I’m moving with my blog post for this trip! Wild meet plus a little discovery again about this lovely place. Damnoensaduak is a district, an hour drive from Ratchathewi. We supposed to visit the train market but the locals didn’t allow us since there is an ongoing renovation on the rails, it would be such a waste if we stayed there, not seeing the train pass by while the vendors unpack their stuff in a split of second. Cool right? how can they be so fast like superman? haha. So we head off in Chang Puak Camp or Elephant Village (Chang is Elephant in Thai). Looky looky, this cutesy dog welcomed us.



parang nasa baguio lang or tagaytay ang feel


We paid around 600 baht each just to ride on this. They say when you ride on these you should make a wish. It’s about 30mns. ride on these changs, they’ll passed on trails and even dipped themselves on water.




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on our way to Dumnoen saduak floating market



Price of goodies being sold here is a bit high specially if they know you’re a tourist, bargain well for the best price you want and you wish to pay.

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Hanuman’s and other mythical creatures masks


Spotted Thai celebrities filming at the market!



my heart goes for every halmeoni who still works here even if they experience back pains already due to their age.

(halmeoni- granny in korean)

1375981_734432853238732_753451568_n 092120134943 092120134944

I definitely recommend this! if floating market is in your itinerary have some of this, it’s a coconut ice cream made from real coconut juice plus there is a coconut meat too! Less food waste eh? 🙂




Lunch in buffet style courtesy of Sampran Riverside.  I recommend their Pad thai here, you should try it! And did I mention that they offer international cuisines on their buffet. 🙂




credits Carla D.


2 thoughts on “Bangkok Day 3 Dumnoen Saduak Photodiary

  1. Hi!

    I’m going to Thailand next week with a friend and we ant to try the floating market and the elephant camp. I’ve read that you paid 1,200THB for the elephant ride and the boat on the floating market. Does it include the transportation cost from Bangkok to Damnoen Saduak? Thanks!

    1. Hi julie! My thailand trip was actually an educational trip. Our trip then was organized by an agency so they handled our transportation in which we took a bus. We paid around 600baht each then for our entrance fee in chang puak camp. Floating market is just a short drive from chang puak, I can’t remember how much we paid on the boat driver who took us to the floating market but I think its less than 100baht. When you and your friend reach the floating market you guys have to take another boat ride in which the boat driver will be touring you around the floating market already! 🙂

      Ps. You may read my other travel posts about thailand for more tips and places you could include on your itinerary. Hoping I’ve answered your question hehe Good luck and Have a safe trip!! 🙂

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