Bangkok Day 1 Photodiary

091920134666 copy

Sawasdee ka! I just got back from my trip in Bangkok. This country exceeds my expectation.

091920134667 copy

32000 feet above where I could almost touch the clouds Bangkok looks very nice.

091920134670 copy

The rice fields are neatly aligned it almost looked like floor tiles, green floor tiles haha.

091920134673 copy

091920134674 copy 091920134675 copy

091920134676 copy 091920134677 copy

As a Filipino new in a country like this I get to compare my hometown. Thailand has some sort of similarities with Philippines but the people here were like the people in SG they are disciplined. 99.9% you get to see trash scattering around.

1235401_734368643245153_1599570277_n copy


cutesy cabs in pink, green, banana colors haha even their tourists buses is in double-decker style I felt like I was in London.


092220135086 copy

Before I forgot to type it up here, Thailand is a country being administered by royal families there images is around Bangkok. You would mostly see King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Mom Rajawongse Queen Sirikit Kitiyakara images, “Mom Rajawongse means “The Honorable”.

“FYI don’t point your fingers on their images as it looks like you are swearing them with something. (in short wag mag-turo. :))”

Now for the traffic here, getting stuck in a car for an hour is already normal but if you took 2hrs or more that’s already pain in the ass, according to our guide.

091920134690 copy

We went first in Muang Thong Thani or Impact Convention and Arena.091920134691 copy

091920134693 copy

We’re welcomed with Singha complimentary drinks (Singha in tagalog actually means to sneeze haha).091920134701 copy 091920134702 copy

091920134703 copy

Arena is where they held National Examinations for students. Its 10X larger than SMX or CCP. It’s hard to cheat here especially if they want students seated 10 seats or more apart LOL.

091920134694 copy091920134699 copy

“Nakakayaman” feel ng chandeliers and baroque designs on the walls and ceilings. They brought us on their Royal Jubilee ballroom for weddings and special gatherings. so pretty and yes, its BIG.

091920134708 copy 091920134723 copy 091920134716 copy 091920134720 copy

Everyone loves to eat and so do I, so we eat at Baiyoke Sky Hotel, from here you could see the entire city every places seems just walking distance from each other. We ate in buffet style so my entire plate is full, sorry for being a gluttony haha.

091920134728 copy

091920134731 copy

next stop! Asiatique Night Market, thai’s version of Tiendesitas and Greenhills in Philippines.

091920134735 copy 1234245_734372889911395_669392203_n copy

091920134733 copy

Asiatique is in Chareonkrung Soi 74-76. You need a lot of time going around this area. It’s big as the Greenhills in Manila. You can haggle at some shops at times other shops prefer to sell items on their fix price. If you think that class A goodies here are cheap, well what you know of is wrong. They tend to sell it a little lower than the original price of that branded ones. So don’t be fooled. Better buy branded ones instead of imitations. We almost got lost in here, only to find out that we’re still a bit early prior to the meeting time our local guide said LOL.

its better to move around the area when you own your time, not following any itinerary made by others, If its your will to travel take time to go around. 🙂


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