Forever 21 Fashion and Music Fest

*drumrolls please*

IMG_5146 copy

IMG_5158 copy IMG_5194 copy IMG_5152 copy

Happy Anniversary to Forever 21 Philippines. I had a blast that night readers!! It was pretty fun, and yeah a successful event. That HYVE experience last night is definitely worth a try, tho’ it’s better to go here with bunch of people whom you know and dance the night away.

who wouldn’t say YES (capitalize to put pun) to this? The invites I got for free without spending some cash, is all thanks to my classmate Sam M. hihi i love you Sam thanks again!

IMG_5202 copy

So back on the main purpose of this blog, Joyce Pring, MYX vj, hosted the event. I love the two outfits she worn.

IMG_5201 copy

1st Outfit

IMG_5275 copy

2nd Outfit

 IMG_5284 copy IMG_5283 copy

Brand ambassadors Patricia Prieto, Lissa Kahayon, Camille Co and F21PH heads giving a toast for Forever 21’s anniversary

 IMG_5207 copy

DJ’s got me spinning

IMG_5203 copy

The Diegos who went up first boozes up party peeps within.

IMG_5299 copy IMG_5301 copy

But it was on this 2nd DJ who got me so hype. He played disclosure jams that I liked. And he’s soooo friggin’ cute haha

you guys can’t missed the newest collections from F21Ph. Feast your eyes Stylistas!!


IMG_5231 copy

IMG_5226 copy

IMG_5228 copy

IMG_5234 copy IMG_5232 copy

IMG_5233 copy

IMG_5234 copy

IMG_5237 copy IMG_5236 copy

IMG_5238 copy

Don’t hold grudge cause these edgy separates are definitely back on the rack.


IMG_5303 copy

she looks like Marian Rivera

IMG_5304 copy

IMG_5305 copy

I want this Hi-Low top

IMG_5306 copy IMG_5307 copy

IMG_5309 copy

IMG_5313 copy

IMG_5312 copy IMG_5314 copy

IMG_5315 copy

IMG_5316 copy

IMG_5317 copy

maybe one of my best shots that night. Instant flare on the side!! 🙂

Unfortunately I could only post till the 2nd collection since we didn’t finish the party. So THIS or THAT? which collection suits your taste?

IMG_5293 copy IMG_5290 copy

Aaaaaaand the STYLE AWARD goes to…, this is probably one of the main highlight that night.

Congratulation Stylistas!!

IMG_5372 copy

Look Post will be up next week ^_^ so stay tuned!


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