I Need Romance

2013-05-31-13-28-39_deco copy 2013-05-30-18-52-52_deco copy

2013-05-31-13-26-07_deco copy

with mamang shane

2013-05-30-18-55-07_deco copy 2013-05-31-13-38-39_deco copy


What I’m wearing: Button-down (worn as jacket/cardi) : thrifted caterpillar top | Tank top: Penshoppe | Nautical Skirt: Forever21 |Flats: Bazaar | Bag: from Italy

Hello. Hello unpixilated photos. You’re back again! 🙂
It ain’t spring here in Manila but why did you wear such clothing? And what’s with the title? Run-up questions that people may ask. What I’m wearing is an interpreted style of the 2 characters in korean drama I need Romance 2/ In Need of Romance 2.

Some of you may not know yet but I’m a sucker for watching korean dramas and variety shows. I’m the type of person who would likely to stay up all night just to finish a single drama. Revealing another side of me to you my dear readers haha. I’m not sure where this k-pop craze would take me. But I hope in korea 😀

Anyway back on the main issue here, I’m rooting for the styles of Joo Yool Mae and Kang Na Hyun in the drama. I tied both ends on my button-down to make an illusion of crop top, I think somehow it goes well with my skirt. “Nah neun heng bok hae” 🙂 And the character Na Hyun likes to wear crop tops over her paisley printed dresses 🙂

What do you think about this k-pop drama inspired style?

Photos by Mart


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