City Lights


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What I’m wearing: plaid top: sis | high-waisted shorts: the landmark | slips-ons: vans surf siders  | sunnies: ray-ban

What shane is wearing: head-to-toe from her closet except the sunnies 😀 she’s wearing my spectacles from Charlie Apparel

Actually we had a very spontaneous shoot weeks ago. Honestly speaking that time I wasn’t even sure of what I’m wearing, as if I look like a barista O.o haha. When things like this occur it’s really hard to come up with a style in a split of second. -__- it really took me an hour to decide on something to wear everyday I go out haha.

Anyhow I really tried to recreate taylor swift’s style in 22. Her new song is really refreshing so is her style there. I tried to copy it but I guess not? Or did I a little?

Whenever I think of plaids, there are two words that comes in my mind. Sporty and Rugged. When you combine this two! You’ll end up with a skater look. As what my sister said in this outfit “I love it because you look rugged sis kulang na lang dyan daisy dukes talaga suot mo, you know I love those kind of styles right?” So I ended up with this style. 🙂 I knotted the bottom of my top to add chicness to it.


What do you think of this look?  🙂



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