The Sweet Child

IMG_20130421_030450 copy IMG_20130421_031410 copy IMG_20130421_031550 copy

IMG_20130421_031159 copy

IMG_20130421_030928 copy


What I’m wearing: Muscle Tee: Penshoppe | skirt: Forever21 | bag: bangkok | flats: bazaar | studded cuff: sis closet

Worn this on my sister’s simple yet FAMtastic wedding DAY and a day out with my parents and auntie. Days before this event mamu asked me to buy myself an outfit for ate’s wedding day. There are things I’m considering while buying that time. “Should I buy 2 separates?”. Something I can wear for different occasions. Separates which I can still pair with my other clothes. Since mum told me not to buy dress, shorts -__-. So I ended up buying this muscle tee from Penshoppe and this Oh-so! Nautical skirt from F21. Maybe next time I can now recreate t-swift’s style in 22 or in i knew you we’re in trouble? haha. I love how my top screams for TOUGHNESS while my skirt mutters girly/chic aura.

As some of you may have notice my left eye is still in bad condition, it’s been 2-3 weeks already since I had this. So please excuse some of my awkward poses. 😦 I’m doing fashion even in this kind of situation haha.


What do you think of this style? 🙂


For more updates follow me on twitter or at instagram: @callherJeanG I would be happy to talk to you guys there! 🙂




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