Shine Ya Light

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Sunnies: Charlie | Top and Bottom: the Landmark | Tong Sandals: SM Parisian | Scarf: Mum’s own | Bag: Thailand

When you were about to go for an excursion. expect for long walks don’t wear something that will only make you uncomfortable. I must say I’ve seen fashionistas around Caleruega some are wearing aztecs and some wears pastels. Okay Enough on that let’s talk about what I wore that day.

Okay readers I know black attracts heat but can it be exempted here? anyway the temp that time is at its cool state so its okay. And mom actually wants me to wear that top. So I’m good with that as long as I have light-colored pants that would complement this dark tone. I used a pink belt to break the minimalist color of black and white again. It just added a pop of color on my waist 🙂

And say hello to my new pair of sunnies I bought from Charlie. I bought that to de-stress myself from hard days at school hehe.

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