Photodiary: Good Friday Adventure


1st stop Caleruega Church in Batulao Batangas.

IMG-20130329-00146 IMG-20130329-00156 IMG-20130329-00151

We arrived here at around 8am. So expect the sun is up at its most stunning glory. Readers I guess some of you notice that I love taking  shots of sky. Honestly I love the sky when it is clear blue.


And who wouldn’t fall in love with this church. It’s so pretty. And has I told myself that time, I feel like I was in Baguio.  The temp that time is at its cooler state. so you wouldn’t feel the of sun’s heat. Anyways sun’s that time is healthy on our skin right? 🙂




The is Church’ entrance. (would’ve make this first on the church’ photo, but I’m to lazy to arrange haha)






Dominican priests are way too good. Why? cause this church has a park on it. Where you could spend time with your family, have picnics on there uphill or anywhere inside there park 🙂 Feed their big koi’s if you like haha not sure tho’ but we feed them because they’re so cute. There are cottages/huts are available but you have to pay.


Uphill you’ll be able to see this structure. My cousin told me it’s another Church yun nga lang sa taas siya I mean sa uphill pa.




obligatory tourist shot


now let’s head to our 2nd destination. Mountain of Salvation in Calaca, Batangas.




this place is a bit undiscovered yet by some. but as I have read from here. Blessed Virgin Mary happen to appeared here in front of Pope John Paul II before.


“Do what the Romans Do”

So this family happen to arrive after us and we saw them doing this. Its our first time getting on this place, only the trike drivers told us about this. When you’re new to a place never be shy to ask 🙂 This family sprinkles water on themselves.  We were so curious about what they were doing so we tried and mimic things they did that time. we sprinkled ourselves with the holy water.


Shrine of Monte Maria in Alfonso, Cavite.

It was still under construction. Forgive me dear readers i don’t have legit photo of the church now.  But if you need some spiritual healing I suggest you go here, Fr. Fernando Suarez would love to accommodate you.


And last Our Lady of Lourdes in Tagaytay.

it was years ago when I last came here, i mean in tagaytay.  i think it was back in my senior years in high school. we had our retreat at Pink Sisters church. I want to go there again but we were kinda lost and found ourselves being on this place. Anyhow this place is nice though it’s a bit crowded when we got here so we didn’t get inside.

I must say that the best part of this short journey we had is at Caleruega. I really fell in love with the place. And can I include this on my list of churches I’d like my wedding to happen? haha (Yikes! sakit sa bulsa ) okay that’t it for my travel  blog. 😀



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