19 on 19: Part two: Across 32nd street

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10064_10200253927901015_213194163_n copy 560769_10200253928221023_831596475_n copy

photos by Mart

Post-birthday shoot at the Fort– I’m wearing my tank top from Penshoppe, shorts from Bench, chiffon blazer from the Landmark, an LV clutch and Mart’s rucksack bag from Oxygen worn on the 5th photo. Shane topped her outfit with my denim top from tomato.  Outfit inspired from Rachel Bilson and Lauren Conrad. They have this street styles you’ll love and you wouldn’t go wrong.  As always my perfect combo was short and top, always stick to the basics when your running errands. I’ve worn this when I pick up my friends at Buendia. I don’t managed wearing heels nor dressy outfit while taking trains or buses. I just don’t get the rationale on it. It was a short noticed that I’m having a bad hair day that time? or maybe the air did it? okay enough rambling. So who’s excited on tuesday? Any gifts you wish your loved ones will give you this Christmas?


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