Laidback on Sunday Morning

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Top: Forever 21 | Shorts: Landmark | Flats: SM’s Solemate (borrowed from mi hermana) | Bag: Thailand | Necklace: DIY

series of photos first before I start talking of how my day went. Few weeks back mamu asked me if I could join the kids party of their company. I’m a little hesitant cause I might be the only “kid” there who’s old enough.  But Mum said I’ll be reunited with my good ol’ playmates haha. So I said okay Ma will go.

Whenever I go out I reconsider few things first. Whom will go I with? What’s the event? Are there any sort of theme? How’s the weather? The place? etc. Because who wants to appear in an overly dress manner when all the people your with are like plain janes? So as much as possible when you want to dress up so nice and show off your inner fashionista,  HOLD IT in!….well not all. Just dress comfortably 🙂 Mum timed me to get ready in 20 mns. that’s too short for me. I need lot’s of time to dress up. really! at times it took me an hour to dress up for any occasion.  This time I have to think quick and get dress in less than a minute,  so I put on my pre-love top from F21 then tuck it in my shorts then I just top it off with Mum’s belt/headband/necklace, well that’s how I used it :)) it’s actually a belt on one of Mum’s top haha. I wanted to look laidback and simple with the pieces I’m wearing. Anyway I don’t want to show my face on the 2 photos because I look so damn haggard. I mean yung face ko napasimangot sa init ng araw, ang hirap kumuha ng photo that time cause Mr. Sun is up and he shines so bright.

I’m not even talented when it comes to combining colors.  Mum asked me to help out their HRD to put colors on kids faces. The 5th photo was what their HRD did, mine was at the bottom. So fail, medyo proud pa kong i-upload sya no? hahaha. Nakakatuwa kasi, it was my first time to do face painting and big failure talaga siya. I wanted it too look like a ribbon, but do you think it does look like one? Medyo worried face ni bagets sa gawa ko, kita kaagad sa picture ee lol hahaha her mom even thought if it was a heart, I didn’t say anything, I wanted to defend the art that I did  but I have to hold it back, nakakahiya lang :)) 😐 and the 4th photo is Jollibee (music cue) bida tayo, bida tayo…..


and at home..

Since everything happened on Sunday morning segway ko lang music video ng Maroon 5 🙂 Ciao! Goodnight!!

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