Leaving Bohol: Day 3

Hey guys! So this is the last leg of my travel blog for Bohol. Ugggh it’s already 1 month and a half late sorry! I was really busy coping up with my subjects and I don’t want to fail this finals. (college student blue’s) Back to the obligatory post.

Before we check-out from the place we stayed in I managed to stroll the beach again and walk barefoot while I say random thoughts on mind. I guess BBC exceeded my expectation in terms of place I give them A+ ; staff service A-  my only concern to their resort is the FREE WI-FI accessibility. As a client who likes social media that much internet accessibility is A-must. In BBC there is a WI-FI spot at the bar near beach, which they turn-off before it gets dark, and that is quite far from our room. Hopefully, when I came back to this place they’ll provide guest with free WI-FI on their rooms.

 We spent our lunch at Bohol Bee Farm. On our way there I was thinking “Are we going to farm some fresh honey? Cos I’m whirling to see honey bee’s hives” BUT NOT. I was welcome by a laid-back resort/farm of fresh veggies by the beach. You’ll love this place if your one of those Vegans’s I know. Even now I was thinking what if I become a vegetarian? that would be hard since I can’t resist eating meats. Laging sira ang DIET ko with meats.


Anyhow, I love the set up of pigging out while overlooking the sea and the island of Siquijor(island of black magic in Visayas, quite creepy). I L-O-V-E the foods serve on buffet, healthy and all it is fresh from their farm. Again, I exclude myself from eating white rice that’s too common for me I want to try Vegan’s Red rice; they say that just by eating half a cup of it, it’ll make you full. Wala akong hindi nagustuhan sa mga kinain ko, I really like them all. Hehe

It’s my first time to eat a salad that has an orchid on it, Yummey!

And would you believe that this two scoops of ice creams are made from fresh Tomatoes and Avocado’s, it taste different actually, the pink one taste like strawberry and the green one taste like pistachios. I don’t know if the waitress gave us wrong info for that, but my tastebuds aren’t wrong. After that we roam around the farm, in short nagtagtag kami ng mga kinain namin haha. Mala-rancho ang set-up ng farm nila. It’ll refresh your mind, I’ll give them A++.

Artworks from local artists. they’ll play your mind.

When we head to Baclayon Church sun’s heat will make you frazzled, as if it reached 40° too much eh? I really hate the temp that afternoon. But getting to Baclayon is worth while. It gives me goosebumps to see those images on the wall; people say that “If you have a strong FAITH you’ll see the image(s)”. I only saw 2 images of Fr. Pio, on a wall, if you’re lucky enough you’ll see HER. TIP: For the excursionists you may include Baclayon Church to you itinerary. Baclayon is one of those preserved old churches in the Philippines.

We flight back to Manila at around 4pm. Bird’s eye-view of Bohol.


Well I’m not sure if it was some coral formations but don’t you think it’s pretty??

(above) Bea & Julie (Left)  Carla & Me  (Right) Carla & Meg @ MIA 3

I’m giving Carla a 2 thumbs up for wearing such a nice color combo for her airport OOTD. Look how lazy I am to mix&match, too simple for airport fashion.

and Thank You God, for a safe flight back to Manila. Bohol will leave me with great memories. So that’s it! done for my travel blog for Bohol, to-follow yung photoshoot namin ng 2nd day hehe..

잘가요!! Au Revoir Readers! xoxo Jean

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