Sunnies up for Bohol: Day 2

Last September 1st, this view greets us Good morning! Beach front view for our rooms. Yay!

Our Morning Faces. Puff eyes, no makeups.

It was a cozy day for us, since we don’t have any scheduled tours that day only seminar in the afternoon and another themed party for the evening. After we eat our breakfast we decided to stroll around Bohol Beach Club.

if I’m not mistaken they have 3-4 pools, one of it is an olympic size.

photography around the beach done. now it’s time to show you how we enjoy the heat of the Sun.

Face-palm! I should’ve put color on my lippies. I looooook pale!

For this mini shoot we pick so far the best part of the beach where there are no tourist/guest passing by.

Noon came we had our Seminar.

FIND Meeeeee! 🙂 with the girls from Tourism 3A and 3B

that night we had our luau party. And here is my sort of OOTD

c/0 dhei

necklace: random shop in Bohol | Batik maxi dress: Landmark

We’re vain in the mirror (Tune of MJ’s Man in the Mirror) hahaha

Aaah. Dinner at the beach ❤

I’m a food junkie.

Before we end our day and change our clothes to Pj’s we did mini shoot again. Here’s a preview.. Other photos are still on the process of editing and finding time to edit them.

nahawaan ko sila ng pagka-vain ko lol. I love you Girls!! :*

Nonetheless, sorry if I can’t keep my blog updated, there are lots of school paper works to do and projects as well. But as I was always saying I will find time to update my blog. Goodnight earthlings!  Wish me luck! We will be having our oral quiz in TourPlan today, hoping to ace on it.

2 thoughts on “Sunnies up for Bohol: Day 2

  1. Hi! nice photos. I Miss Bohol. Btw, you didn’t ask permission from me that you’re going to post my picture. HAHA! :)) #shy Continue sharing your experiences. :))

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