Bound to Bohol: Day 1 (August 31)

with my friends excuse my eye-bags -__-  that came from those sleepless nights last term plus this sem! i know everything will paid off after I graduate :”)

I’ve worn my on-the-go surf siders from Vans it’s perfect for a nature trip like this.

I must say that this is one of those anticipated trips I have in my life not because I want to see  Bohol so bad but because it’s my first time to ride the plane. Days before our flight I was even asking my friends what it feels like being on the plane? Haha Those common questions and things like that. I remained chill and calm during the hours of the flight. See how lovely the sky was? I couldn’t get the best shot because I wasn’t seated next to the window 😦

Then finally! after an hour and a half flight we arrived safely at Tagbilaran airport. Sorry for that lazy pose! hehe

Tagbilaran airport, getting its renovation. I love the sky up there!

It’s past 11am when we arrive at the airport, we didn’t tour right away instead we fed our hungry tummies.

Along our way to Loboc River we passed by this scenic view of the island. The other side is called Panglao island, it is still part of Bohol, but it is were all the best beaches and resorts are. Anyway as our bus were passing through each towns of Bohol, we often see people smiling back at us, waving their hands, aww right then we felt that we’re welcomed by warm people, it feels good. Bohol is tag as “The Land of Friendship” I guess its true. Pansin ko lang medyo loner yung bahay dun sa gitna, kita niyo? :))


Loboc River is an hour and a half drive from the main city. You’ll enjoy the river by cruising it while eating those sumptuous meals serve on buffet. That time I feel like I was truly inhaling some fresh air totally different from Manila. Cruise will take about half an hour or an hour. Don’t worry your cruising experience wouldn’t be boring because there was someone to entertain you other times they will be stopping by at the side of the river where there are local performers from “ALL AGES”. Haha there were soooo cute promise.

Can you guess how many foods I ate that time? Hehe I don’t eat rice since I wanna taste all the foods that they’ve cook for us. FULL PLATE Hahaha excuse my GLUTTONY!!

Now we head to our next destination. The Tarsier Conservation Area.

Tarsiers are small primates. Can you believe that they were known to have 5 animals in one small body? If you’ll look closely to them they have some similarities to other animals. They have hands similar to a lizard or a frog. They can rotate their heads up to 180 degrees like an owl. Their tails are long and much likely similar to a rat (katchuring daga). Ears of a bat. And the body like a monkey. WOW!! But be careful with this cute little fellows, they are so fragile. This mini’s are into suicidal!! I suggest to off your camera flashes and as much as possible create only less sounds don’t bother them while they were asleep. You can’t buy this fellows cause they were already privately owned by locals.

I didn’t mention before the Man-made forest that you have to pass through before getting into the Tarsier Conservation Area.

Sorry our seat got reflected by the window. Anyhow, this forest was a project of the former Governor of Bohol. His reason of creating this is to give-back to Mother Earth. Aww. Great advocacy you got their Gov.!

Now off to the next destination! Chocolate Hills.

As we head to Chocolate hills the weather became hazy. It was raining hard. To the point that we barely see the hills. Our guide explained to us that this days Bohol was really experiencing bipolar weather. Half part of Bohol which is the city is experiencing drought and the other part has been into gloomy weather.

This tour is not purely for us Tourism students, we were mix up with HRM students. Anyway it’s a photo of me with my classmates in BST-3A. Find me! 🙂

After this were suppose to being seeing some butterflies but since it was really raining hard our guides decided to take us somewhere we might enjoy. And we really did. We went to see the Python and Marimar. I don’t have photos on this part cause my phone’s batt got drained 😦

It was dark already on our way to Bohol Beach Club, it is where we will be staying in for 2nights.

That same night we had a themed party at BBC. I’ll just give you a glimpse of what we did that night.

I don’t get it why am I the only one who’s blurred? Anyhow I like the shot in a way that it want’s to convey something. The mood of the colors and the speck of the light.You agree with me? 🙂

OMG! time-check its 3:44am(MNL time) of Sunday, time runs fast. sheeez. I better get some sleep or else another dark circles or pimple will pop in the next day, i want to avoid that. Lovelies stay tuned for my next posts about my trip to bohol. Goodnight!! :*


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