PFW Holiday 2012: Day TWO: SM GTW and SM Ladies’ fashion collection

Continuing my earlier post. Now it’s SM GTW and SM Ladies’ Fashion collection’s turn to strut the runway. The model above is wearing a maxi dress in tribal prints. ♥

Floral dress. In the next few photos you’ll be seeing floral prints paired with bold tops and bottoms.

The joint colors of this cropped top and the pants is very nautical.

popping pink. printed bottoms + solid colored top.

Circa 50’s on their hair. The model on the left is wearing a solid colored top and pants which was topped with floral printed blazer. The model on the right which is Valerie Weigmann is wearing a sheered top over a printed shorts.

The model is wearing a dress with laser cutouts on the neckline. I love this one!

Bloggers on the runway.

Camille Co

Mart’s SLR is making tantrums while the bloggers are on the runway. Maybe his SLR is much more excited to see my fave bloggers as much I do Haha. I don’t have a photo of Camille while she was on the runway 😦

Patricia Prieto

Patricia Prieto with Alyssa Lapid

Lissa Kahayon

I love what Lissa is wearing. ♥

Laureen Uy

Laur looking like a doll while walking on the runway. Sooo cute. Another 50’s styling. Her shoes are also cute, I wonder if it was an earlier collection of Parisian?

Sorbet hues, rippled skirts and dresses, pleats and prints.

Floral bottoms

Neon cover ups perfect for a getaway at the beach.

Scarf Prints

Look chic and stylish while meeting your boss/staff. Wear this monochromatic ensemble at work.


that jacket is awesome, I love it especially the pleated skirt

See that stunning red dress? that’s the last from SM Ladies’ Fashion, a beautiful way to end the show.  Okay that night I was marveled on what I just saw, how I wish I could change my wardrobe in a split of a second and pick pieces that I love on SM Ladies’ and Parisian shoes collection and put them all at once in my closet. Okay that’s too much haha, anyway I’ll post my OOTD for this day on my next post please check on that.

photos by Mart Francisco

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