PFW Holiday 2012: Day TWO: Parisian shoes

Ta-dah! Finally, I was able to attend Philippine Fashion Week. And I remember that I have put it on my wish-list and goals for this year before. Everything that had happen last wednesday hasn’t still sunken in me. And I’d like to thank SM Ladies’ Fashion for giving me this passes. Merci beaucoup! Mart and I came ready on this event with his SLR haha.

Parisian’s Water Collection

We seated at the 5th row. And we really tried our best to get the best seats, at least close enough on the runway. But it was hard to look for the best seats that time, we were like minutes late after they let the people in.

Air Collection

my so-called Cinderella shoes hehe

Earth Collection

Fire Collection

I decided to separate the SM ladies’ and Parisian shoes collection. If I put them together on a same post it might be hard or too slow to load, so please check out theย  next post ๐Ÿ™‚

photos by Mart Francisco

xo J

Which collection of Parisian shoes you love most?

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